Loyalty Rewards Scheme



Reward shoppers for sharing the (brand) love with referrals

Getting more repeat purchases isn’t the only benefit of using Smile for loyalty. Gain an added bonus of acquiring new customers when shoppers refer their friends to your brand.

 Vape Firm Rewards Scheme

Good for your customers, better for you

The best rewards for completed referrals

You can choose from many types of rewards to create the most engaging referral program, including:

Make referral rewards easy to access and easy to redeem

Keep referrals top of mind for shoppers—whether they’re on your site, or in their inbox. Promote referrals with Vape Firm integrations like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, so you can embed unique referral links in every email you send.

Encourage sharing through the channels your customers use

Customers love to shop and share brands right from their phone, so Smile gives mobile shoppers all the top sharing options.

Vape Firm Rewards Scheme

Reward Points Terms & Conditions
  1. Account Eligibility: To qualify for Reward Points, create a Vape Firm account.
  2. Point Collection: Earn points based on your spending from the day you join as a Vape Firm account holder.
  3. Check Balance: Log in to your Vape Firm Account to track your Reward points balance.
  4. Earning Standard Points: Get ten Reward Points for every £1 spent on qualifying products.
  5. Point Value: Each ten points are worth five pence for online purchases at vapefirm.co.uk.
  6. Redemption Limit: Redeem up to 2000 points per order; 100% redemption not allowed.
  7. Expiration Policy: Unredeemed points expire 12 months from the purchase date.
  8. Scheme Modifications: Vape Firm reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, or alter the program, including terms and individual accounts.
  9. Promotion Withdrawal: Vape Firm may withdraw reward points promotions/offers without notice.
  10. Automated Point Upload: After shopping online at vapefirm.co.uk, points are auto-uploaded upon order dispatch.
  11. Online Redemption: The Vape Firm Reward Scheme is exclusively redeemable online at Vape Firm.
  12. Promotion Specifics: During Vape Firm Reward Points promotions, only points earned within the period apply.
  13. Refund Deduction: Returned products deduct collected points; faulty returns credit the right points, no cash refund.
  14. Redemption Restrictions: Redeem Vape Firm Reward Points on any order, excluding outlet products and redeemable promotions/codes.