Lost Mary QM600 Vape Box Of 10

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600 Disposable Vape Box Of 10

Enjoy the high-quality taste of a QM600

The Lost Mary QM600 is 600 puffs ahead of the competition.

The shape, and hand-feel of each QM600 device are constructed to be easy to take out and about fit comfortably in your hand; making them perfect for new vapers.

What separates this device from others is the high-tech mesh coils, which enhance the excellent taste of the nic salt and provide a more consistent performance to deliver the perfect vaping experience.

These disposable vape kits are fueled by a low-powered battery and suitable coil with 2ml of nic salt liquids.

Great Flavours

What sets Lost Mary apart is the quality of flavours, and while the QM 600 range has less than other devices they are sure to leave you satisfied by providing you with a taste that's un-match-able, all for a handy low-cost that's always handy to have on hand.

We hope you can stick with us as we continue to move through the undiscovered plateaus of where vaping can go, and how we’ll aid a globalized revolution of modernization that will ensure anyone who’s feeling a little lost, is given a device that can make them merry!

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